Common Patterns in Distributed Systems

Sample application: Microservices Patterns: Enterprise Integration Patterns: Configuration Management Centralizing configuration and secret values: AWS Secrets Manager AWS Key Management Service Apache ZooKeeper Spring Cloud Config (Spring Cloud Vault, Spring Cloud Zookeeper) etcd – distributed reliable key-value store Service Discovery Client make request to Service Registry or Load Balancer (Router): Apache […]

Software Design Patterns

GoF: Creational Singleton Abstract Factory   Factory Method Builder   Prototype   Object Pool GoF: Structural Facade   Decorator   Composite   Bridge Adapter   Proxy Flyweight GoF: Behavioral Visitor   Template Method Strategy Observer Memento Mediator Iterator State   Interpreter Command Chain of Responsibility […]

Builder – Creational patterns

Builder provide a flexible design solution – how we can create a class and how we can simplified (and reduce parameters count passed to the constructor) instantiation process of the class:

  disadvantages: Requires creating a separate ConcreteBuilder for each different type of product. Requires the builder classes to be mutable. Data members of […]